Cutting Out Artificial Stimulants To Help You Sleep


Cut out caffeine, alcohol and tobaccco completely. Not just before bedtime. Their effects are accumulative. Your body has to increase metabolic activity to get the toxins out of your system.


Give up for a few weeks and notice the positive difference in your energy levels. Withdrawal symptoms set in after 18 hours and will last a few days. These can include headaches so drink plenty of water.


For many a blanket ban would be socially unacceptable. If you have tried everything else then it would certainly be worth looking at the effect of alcohol on your specific metabolism. If you are drinking excessively then you may want to consider a big reduction. See the addiction program if you are having more serious problems. Sleep disorders are certainly one symptom of alcoholism.

Nicotine and Smoking

Nicotine and the other chemicals in tobacco disrupt your sleep in two ways

  • 1. They act as an irritant in your lungs, bronchial tubes and throat.
  • 2. Nicotine directly stimulates the nervous system stopping you falling asleep. One cigarette is equivalent to one cup of strong coffee.

If you need to smoke then certainly stop 3-4 hours before bedtime.



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