Waking Up Sluggish Or Feeling Sleepy During The Day?


Your activity levels contribute a lot to your body temperature variations and as a result to how well you sleep.

  1. The amount of exercise you get during the day has an effect on your body temperature rhythm. Any movement or exercise promotes a rise in temperature which can be very beneficial to the sleep system.
  2. Exercise creates a higher “peak” point of body temperature during the day, which will increase your energy levels. Exercise delays the body temperature drop at the end of the day, allowing you to stay awake and alert longer.
  3. Exercise will make the drop of body temperature at the end of the day more dramatic and allow your body temperature to stay lower for a longer amount of time which will help to promote much deeper sleep.
  4. The amount of time that you are awake can have a big effect.  If you’re currently sleeping 8 or 9 hours and you feel tired during the day could be a sign that you need less sleep. You’re sleeping too much and you need to increase your levels of ‘wakefulness’ to create deeper sleep and a more balanced body temperature rhythm  when you do fonally go to bed.

All of these control how long you sleep, and how deep your sleep is.

1) Changes in your body temperature during the day create a contract to the temperature varioations at night.
2) Natural sunlight entering your eyes has a direct effect on your melatonin levels.

Usually, your body temperature follows the same pattern regardless of when you go to sleep. If you routinely get up at 7 am every day, then your body temperature begins to rise at 7 am. If you feel drowsy for the next 3 hours, this means your body temperature is slowly rising during this time, and hasn’t reached it’s peak point.Anything you can do at this tome to accelerate the temperature increase will increase wakefulness. which is why early morning exercise is so useful.

For most people the optimum peak point of body temperature is earlyevening when we are naturally most active and have the most energy.

If all of a sudden you chgange to waking up at 5 AM instead of 7 AM, your body temperature will remain low and begin to rise at 7 AM as usual because it takes time for your body to adjust.

You can counter this by exposing yourself to high-intensity light or introducing an exercise regime.



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